Kellyville Netball Club  has implemented a grading policy to ensure that the grading of players and teams is conducted fairly; based on a player’s ability, skill level and attitude.

Grading is carried out on nominated days prior to season commencement to provide Baulkham Hills Netball Association (BHN) an indication of the number of teams and prospective grades for the Winter Competition.

The aim of grading players is to set teams, which have a balanced group of players, both in ability levels and playing positions. Grading is influenced by the number and ages of players registered with Kellyville Netball Club.

Players will trial and be graded into their own age group i.e. the age they turn in the playing season.

A player may be selected by the Grading Committee for an older aged team if considered necessary due to numbers of players registered. This will only occur after discussion with the player and player’s parent/guardian.

Requests to be graded into a specific team/age group will not be considered.

7 and 8 years: Players will be placed in teams with their friends where possible within their age group. These requests must be received at the time of registration and can only be accommodated if numbers for an age group permit.

9 to 14 years: Players will be graded in their age group according to their ability. This is to ensure that players are playing at an appropriate skill level.

15 years grading: Will be considered on a season-by-season basis at the discretion of the Grading Committee

The BHN Grading Committee determines the final grading of all teams in the BHN Winter competition.

Grading Committee:

A Grading co-ordinator should be appointed with a minimum of five (5) appropriate graders selected from within Kellyville Netball Club to form a grading committee.

Nominations for the Grading Committee are to be received prior to the first meeting of the Netball year. External graders can be included if necessary at the discretion of the Committee. The Grading Committee will conduct grading as per the description below.

Grading Criteria:

When assessing the overall skill of a player, the Grading committee will take into account:

  • Ball Handling
  • Footwork
  • Positional Skills
  • Sportsmanship
  • Attitude


Grading will consist of several processes and these are to include:

  • A detailed coach’s evaluation report at the end of the season,
  • An assessment to be carried out towards the end of the season by the previous year’s Grading committee or appropriate club executive who will attend several games to review players skills.
  • Paper grading to be carried out prior to practical grading, taking into account the above reports and place players into teams for practical grading
  • Practical grading will take place with a minimum of three (3) graders per age group. Graders will take into consideration the coaches’ report, previous years grading committee members’ reports, paper grading and play observed at practical grading.

Kellyville Netball Club endeavours to ensure team grading is conducted fairly with balanced teams selected.  Players and parents are asked to be reasonable and objective in their expectations and to encourage their children to accept their team selection.

Ideally eight (8) players will be selected per team however, due to numbers registered some teams may have nine (9) players. 

Teams will be announced via the club website at a time advised by the grading committee.