Kellyville Netball Club aims to assist and develop all volunteer coaches. We aim to provide competent, confident and enthusiastic coaches to develop quality netball skills and good sportsmanship in all our players. 

All coaches are expected to adhere to the NSW Netball Code of Behaviour policy.  

We encourage all coaches to develop their coaching skills and will provide information regarding any available coaching courses or information via club communication methods. 

Coaches will be provided with coaching materials such as a coach’s manual, to ensure they are able to keep correct records for their allocated team throughout the season. It is essential that all coaches track player court time and attendance at training.

The coaching coordinator, in conjunction with the club committee, has the final decision for allocating coaches to all junior teams (5-14 Years). Coaches will be allocated to teams according to experience and skill requirements.

Senior teams may allocate their own coaches if required. Senior coaches and teams may liaise directly with the club committee to discuss any coaching requirements or concerns.

Coaches are eligible to coach a core team of 5 team members for no more than 2 consecutive years, at the discretion of the club committee. If a team has played modified rules, this may be extended to 3 years. (1 year modified rules plus 2 year’s standard rules). 

Fair Play Policy

All Coaches must endeavour to give all players equal court time throughout the season (subject to illness, injury, and holidays).

To be counted as official court time and/or time off court, players must be present to take to court on the day of play.

All players should play a minimum of 2 positions during the season. It is at the coach’s discretion as to when players will play any designated position. This is with the exception to Net Set Go 7 & 8 year’s teams, where all players shall be rotated through all positions throughout the season. 

During the final series court placement and court time is at the coaches discretion.