Umpires wishing to achieve a National badge – Officiating General Principles Course Access is available via Netball NSW websiteselect For Umpires – Courses and thenselect the ASC Learning Portal that appears in the paragraph as below Introductory Level Officiating General Principles Course
The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and Department of Sport & Recreation is pleased to announce that the online Introductory Level Officiating General Principles course is now available on the 
ASC Learning Portal.


Online Level 1 Umpires Course

The Level One Online Umpire’s Course has been designed to assist umpires in achieving the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective umpire and enjoy their officiating role. The course contains the following five modules

  • A good umpire 
  • Getting started 
  • Umpiring techniques 
  • The Rules in Action 
  • Where to now?

Please complete the theory course at your own pace from home. The course currently costs $25 to complete and this is managed through the mynetball page.

You will need your mynetball ID # and Log in Details (used when registering to play this season)

Once the course has been completed please forward your certificate to

Enrolment Instructions  


The course is aimed at beginner level officials, and covers three modules of training; Self Management, Managing the Competition Environment and People Management. The course takes approximately four hours to complete, and there is assessment included within the course. The online course is available free of charge to Australian officials.Then Select Courses and then PICK THIS ONE, NOT THE COACHING ONE.


Umpiring should be an exciting and challenging role, helping the players to enjoy the game and develop the full potential of their skills. This supportive role can be rewarding when it is done to the best of your ability. (Netball Australia)

You will find the following topics covered below:

Attributes of a Good Umpire
Netta Umpiring


OLOR has established a high standard of umpiring which we endeavour to maintain.

OLOR Umpires' Committee will:

  • Be consistent, objective and courteous with all our umpires;
  • Help develop all umpires to achieve their potential;
  • Not expect 100% perfection;
  • Encourage participation and acknowledge achievement.

OLOR Umpires will:

  • Be consistent, objective and courteous when making decisions;
  • Have a friendly and pleasant manner;
  • Enjoy umpiring for themselves and not because they think they should;
  • Be pro-active in their skill development by asking questions, re-reading the rule book, and watching high-grade umpires;
  • Be open to constructive comments.

Attributes of a Good Umpire


  • Remain focused for the entire game and not be distracted by friends or spectators.
  • Awareness when play is the other umpire's half.


  • Whistle
  • Voice
  • Hand Signals
  • Approachability


  • Presentation as an Umpire i.e. correct attire,
    your stance, clear instructions and loud whistle.


  • Application of the rules eg obstruction, contact, 3 seconds.
  • Maintain a pleasant manner throughout the game.


  • Remember to umpire in the spirit of the game.
  • Safety for all.
  • Be pleasant and considerate.

Netta Umpiring

  • Netta games are umpired with modified rules to allow the players to learn the rules while they develop their skills.
  • Netta applies to 7 years, 8 years and 9 years.
  • Umpires must be a minimum of 15 years of age.
  • Umpiring Netta games requires implementing the rules, together with coaching, and a degree of common sense.

Club contact information can be found on the Club Committee page.

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