The role of the Manager is assist the Coach where possible and to liaise with parents and players.


  • It is the team manager’s responsibility to communicate to team parents/players regarding training times, game details etc., to provide updates on cancellations and ensure any communications are distributed as required.
  • Team Manager’s must provide both their contact details as well as the coaches contact details to all parents/players. Please also inform the team parents/players of your Team number eg. OLOR13
  • Ensure all players have the correct uniform.
  • It is your responsibility to inform the coach of any players unable to attend training or games.
  • Distribute photo envelopes and collect monies as required.
  • Team managers are encouraged to attend all training sessions as a support to the coach and the team.
  • If you are unable to perform your duties for any reason, it is your responsibility to appoint a responsible adult to take your place. If you require assistance please contact a member of the Executive Committee.


Team Managers are to go to control (remember a pen) and find your score sheet (you will need to know your Team number here). Tick the players who will be taking to the court for the first quarter and fill in their positions. If the opposing team has already filled in their positions on the score sheet, you may take it to the court. If they haven’t filled in their side of the score sheet, leave it at control for them to do so and then they will bring it to the court. The score sheet is usually available at control 15-30minutes prior to the commencement of the game.

Please note: you must have permission from the OLOR registrar prior to borrowing a player. Failure to do so may result in a penalty forfeit and loss of competition points for your team. Should you be approved to borrow a player, you must have their ID card on hand to show the opposing team. (this is obtained from their team manager). Ensure their name is added in the borrowed player box.  

At the court, introduce yourself to the other team manager. Ensure the score sheet is at the court prior to the commencement of your game. (the last team to sign on will bring the sheet to the court). Go through your ID book and ID each team member with the other manager. Check the opposing team’s ID book against their players. (name to face).

Team Managers usually score the game (or appoint a responsible scorer). Scorers must stand together on the sideline in line with the centre of the court. At half time the other team manager takes over the scoring. At each interval both team managers must complete the positional changes for each player. And as replacement players take the court, tick their names and fill in positions as usual. At the end of the game, sign the score sheet as acknowledgement that the written score is correct. To show a goal has been scored, place a line through the number and at the end of each quarter, circle the last goal scored.