Our club is committed to the development and improvement of coaches and their skills. There are many ways in which the club helps develop coaches.

The club has a library of books that are available for borrowing and many experienced coaches that are willing to share their wealth of information.

We suggest that all new coaches attend the “Orientation to Coaching” course, which is an introduction to coaching and goes through the basic skills required to start coaching.

On the other hand if you have been coaching for a while and would like to improve and broaden your skills then we suggest you complete the “Level 1 Coaching Accreditation”. This course includes planning, fitness. skills and strategies.

Should you like to borrow a book, talk to another coach or attend one of the coaching courses please contact the coaching co-ordinator, just look on the Club committee page for contact information.

Come along and coach a team you will enjoy yourself.


Red Rover

Resources: 2 thirds of a netball court

Drill Description:

  • 3 players are selected as defenders
  • The transverse line is the middle marker and defenders must not cross this line.
  • When called by the coach, all other players are to try and cross from the base line over the middle marker, to the transverse line behind the defenders.
  • The defenders are to zone as many people as possible.
  • Persons are allowed to pass who can not be zoned.
  • The game is stopped when all but 1 person has reached the line.
  • The last person becomes a defender
  • The game continues until only one person remains, or the defenders hold everyone out for a significant amount of time.

Coaching points:

  • Ensure correct zoning technique is being used.
  • This is a no tagging game.


  • The size of the game court can be varied depending upon the number of participants.
  • Game can be stopped after a certain time rather than “last man standing”.


  • Develops Zone defence skills.
  • Duration of games should get longer as zoning abilities get better.